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deprecated VMFS Volume found on the Host.Please consider upgrading Volumes to the latest version ESXi 6

As per the VMware Vsphere alarm clearly state that some of your VMFS Filesystem is older version in ESXi 6 VMFS version is 5 … May be your using VMFS3 or some other version means you will get above alarm… But my Filesystem is completely latest one as VMFS5 as below


for this issue i have googled some the them reported to vmware as bug and link

command to fix : not recommended

[root@esx01:~] /etc/init.d/hostd restart
watchdog-hostd: Terminating watchdog process with PID 34483
hostd stopped.
Ramdisk ‘hostd’ with estimated size of 1553MB already exists
hostd started.
[root@esx01:~] /etc/init.d/vpxa restart
watchdog-vpxa: Terminating watchdog process with PID 112173
vpxa stopped.