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After installing Xen guests (DomU), the guest can not be started. The following error may be present:

ERROR: “Error: Kernel image does not exist: /tmp/kernel.SUMgkq”

NOTE: In this example our guest is named SLES10. For this TID, replace SLES10 with the name of the virtual machine (“xm list” will show the names of all the virtual machines installed).

method 1: Edit Python files
This method is recommended per Novell documentation.
Navigate to a temporary directory.

Extract the python file:
xm list -l SLES10>

Create a backup copy of the; it may be needed later on.

Open for editing.

Locate the bootloader_args parameter. It will most likely look like this:
( bootloader_args )
Replace it with
( bootloader_args’–entry=xvda1:/boot/vmlinuz-xen,/boot/initrd-xen’)

Locate the bootloader parameter. It will most likely look like this:
( bootloader )

Replace it with
( bootloader /usr/lib/xen/boot/ )

Reload the new configuration file by typing

xm new -F

Start the Xen guest

xm start SLES10

method 2: Configure /etc/xen/vm files

This method uses the same method as other Linux vendors, such as Red Hat.
Go to /etc/xen/vm

Locate the file with the guest’s name (not the .xml file)

Open the file for editing
Change bootloader=”” to
Change bootloaderargs=”” to
Save the file

Import the new file
xm new -f sles10

Start the Xen Guest
xm start sles10