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Script :


#script to find out how much time tokk for previous reboot


echo -e “\n\tScript to find How much time taken Linux Server for last Reboot\n”

#BT = Server Boot Time After Reboot
BT=`last -F reboot | head -n 1 | awk ‘{print $5,$6,$7,$8,$9}’`

#RT = Server Rebooted time
RT=`last -F reboot | head -n 2 | awk ‘{print $11,$12,$13,$14,$15}’| tail -1`

echo -e  “Server Boot Time after Reboot = $BT”;
echo -e  “Server Rebooted Time          = $RT”;

#Note below output is should print the value between different date also Example JAN 10 23:59:21 server rebooted again server is came up at JAN 11 00:04:54 it should calculate the difference

echo -e “\nAmount of Time Reboot (seconds)  = $(( $(date -ud “$BT” +’%s’) – $(date -ud “$RT” +’%s’) ))Sec” ;

echo $(( $(date -ud “$BT” +’%s’) – $(date -ud “$RT” +’%s’) )) > out.txt

seconds=`cat /root/out.txt`

echo “Amount of Time Reboot (MM:SS)    = $((seconds/60))Min $((seconds%60))Sec”

echo “Amount of Time Reboot (HH:MM:SS) = $(date -d @$(( $(date -d “$BT” +%s) – $(date -d “$RT” +%s) )) -u +’%H:%M:%S’)”


Run :[root@test ~]# ./


Output :