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Details about service

NFS Server Side running services

10                                       NFS support must be enabled in the Linux kernel to function. NFS uses Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) to route requests between clients and servers.

        portmap service must be enabled and active at the proper run levels for NFS communication to occur. Working with portmap, various other processes ensure that a particular NFS connection is allowed and may proceed without error:

  • rpc.mountd — The running process that receives the mount request from an NFS client and checks to see if it matches with a currently exported filesystem.
  • rpc.nfsd — The process that implements the user-level part of the NFS service. It works with the Linux kernel to meet the dynamic demands of NFS clients, such as providing additional server threads for NFS clients to utilize.
  • rpc.lockd — A daemon that is not necessary with modern kernels. NFS file locking is now done by the kernel. It is included with the nfs-utils package for users utilizing older kernels that do not include this functionality by default.
  • rpc.statd — Implements the Network Status Monitor (NSM) RPC protocol. This provides reboot notification when an NFS server is restarted without being gracefully brought down.
  • rpc.rquotad — An RPC server that provides user quota information for remote users.

NFS client side services

NETFS is used to Mounts and unmounts all Network File System (NFS), \
 SMB (Lan Manager/Windows), and NCP (NetWare) mount points.