Deploy VCSA 6.0 in Linux OE

Posted: July 23, 2016 in VMWARE

Steps to deploy VCSA 6.0

 Add FQDN entry for new vCenter

[root@vm01 vcsa]# cat /etc/hosts | grep -i tsvc       tsvc

Add New vcenter (vcsa) entry in DNS server otherwise you cannot deploy the VCSA

[root@vm01 ~]# nslookup tsvc





Copy VCSA 6.0 ISO image in the Linux Environment

[root@vm01 vcsa]# ls


Mount VCSA image under /vcsa/test path

[root@vm01 vcsa]# mkdir test

[root@vm01 vcsa]# mount -o loop /vcsa/VMware-VCSA-all-6.0.0-3343019.iso /vcsa/test/

[root@vm01 vcsa]# ls /vcsa/test/

dbschema       readme-fr.txt readme-ko.txt readme-zh-CN.txt rr_moved vcsa-cli-installer

readme-de.txt readme-ja.txt readme.txt     readme-zh-TW.txt vcsa     vcsa-setup.html

Edit new vcsa values as below

[root@blrvse07vm01 ~]# cat /vcsa/testvcenter.json


“__version”: “1.1”,

“target.vcsa”: {

“appliance”: {

“”: “VM Autel“,

“deployment.option”: “tiny”,

“name”: “tsvc“,

“thin.disk.mode”: “false”


“esx”: {

“hostname”: ““,

“username”: “root“,

“password”: “Autel_123“,

“datastore”: “Backup


“network”: {

“hostname”: ““,

“dns.servers”: ““,

“gateway”: ““,

“ip”: ““,

“”: “ipv4“,

“mode”: “static“,

“prefix”: “24


“os”: {

“password”: “Autel_123“,

“ssh.enable”: true


“sso”: {

“password”: “Autel_123“,

“domain-name”: “vsphere.local“,

“site-name”: “Test-Site




Move directory path to Linux vcsa installer path “/vcsa/test/vcsa-cli-installer/lin64”

[root@vm01 lin64]# pwd


Run VCSA script to deploy vcenter (vcsa 6.0)

[root@vm01 lin64]#. /vcsa-deploy /vcsa/testvcenter.json –accept-eula

vCenter Server Appliance installer finished deploying “tsvc”.

This appliance is a vCenter Server instance with an embedded Platform Services


System Name:

Log in as: Administrator@vSphere.local

Finished successfully.

Log File to monitor the deploying vcenter (VCSA) 6.0

[root@vm01 ~]# tailf /tmp/vcsaCliInstaller-2016-07-23-15-20-5gaWwC/vcsa-cli-installer.log

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