Linux Troubleshooting : Disk is Full 100% How to fix? Possible way to Clear Space

Posted: April 19, 2015 in Disk is Full, Troubleshooting

Example (/) root File system is Full.100%

Note: Important Tips for Admin

1.Whenever your copying Application, Tools and ISO image in your Server please kindly remove it once your work has been done.

2.If you deleting and moving file, You should get permission or approval from server owner.


Step 1 : If it is LVM, Extend the space if space available in Volume group


Step 2 : Steps mostly followed for Disk Full status. If it is Normal Partition no space to extend LVM we can follow below steps.

1.Normally Application is installed in separate Directory. We can clear and delete or move the space on below Directorys.


below directory all comes under / directory.

/home /root /tmp- Delete or move the unwanted file and folders

/var/log/ – Compress or clear the Logs Files


/usr/share/doc – Delete all the files and folders if u r not referring the document in the future You Will get 1GB free space





If you are using yum server. When ever installing and downloading packages it will stored into below path.


If you don’t want download the package on your yum cache . Disable in the configuration file.If you are not disabled yum cache, you have to delete every time and it will occupies every time your disk space unnecessarily.

Cache is enabled.


Cache is disabled.


Otherwise you have to search and delete.



step 3 Clear reserved space.

Below screen shot shows / partition disk status

Total size =used size +available size

40!=(4.5+33)37.5 where is 2.5GB gone.


It is taken by reserved space for future case

we can give one % disk space is remain we can take it back for our usage .


After limit the reserved space . I got 2.5 free space.


Human save Water and increase Trees . Admin save Disk Space and reduce you Risk ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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