How to Install Patches in Solaris 10

Posted: March 2, 2014 in Install Patches, Solaris

        Patches installation means latest Packages or software updating in Solaris 10 OS.


            Note: Important thing before installing patches request customer to down the applications and databases…. Need to ask 4 to 6 Hours downtime for patches installation…


1. Download Latest patches for Solaris 10 from Oracle portal


2. Access Patched from samba share. xx.xx.xx.xx

Username: root

Password: #######


    \\xx.xx.xx.xx\ISO_images\solaris\solaris10\solaris patch   2013\X86



3. Copy this patches file into our local Machine. Using scp command


    #SCP test@Ipaddress:/tmp



4. After Copy the File .Unzip the patches





5. Before installing Patches enter into single user mode.


     #init s       


6. Command to install Patches


     #. /installpatchset –s10patchset


7. After installing Patches reboot the machine


#init 6

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